Burberry Kids Clothes

Can you imagine a brand that exists for more than two centuries? Can you imagine that this brand is still popular? How that could be possible, you may ask. And I would say only one word: Burberry.  And that would be not only the name of the company, but also the last name of the dressmaker, who found that company and who was 21 at that time. Burberry made all kind of clothes: from ski suits to trench coats. But not only grown-ups can enjoy the classy look; kids can also dress in well-known check with Burberry Kids Clothes.  It’s famous for bringing together British style and heritage with craftsmanship.

Burberry Kids Clothes can make the appearance of your child recognizable

Burberry Beige New Classic Check Short Sleeve ShirtBurberry Beige Classic Check Dress

Burberry Beige New Classic Check and Heart Print DressBurberry Beige Classic Check Shirt Dress


Burberry Kids Clothes proves that British style now is available for the youngest fashion-lovers. There are collections for Burberry Girls, Burberry Boys and Burberry Babies. Now kids can wear significant trench-coats and be in style along with adults. Burberry Kids offers:

  • All in ones
  • Bedding
  • Boots
  • Bottoms
  • Clothing sets
  • Coats and jackets
  • Dresses
  • Jumpers and knitwear
  • Nightwear
  • Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Suits and tailoring
  • Tops
  • Trainers
  • Underwear


You can style your kid in Burberry Kids Clothing from the very first day till he turns 14

Burberry Grey Cheetah Print TeeBurberry Navy Classic Check Pocket Tee

Burberry Blue and White Stripe Tee with Soldier PrintBurberry Black and White Spot Dress

There are huge amount of clothing for every occasion. Almost all of them have famous checked detail, which says that traditions are still among us. All clothes have nice colors and made from good fabric. Your kids won’t be itching from the sweater.

There is a good collection for newborns, which has a great variety of playsuits. You can find cashmere clothes. They will keep your baby warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time. If you need a gift – there are some sets of two, three or four-pieces. Some of them come with the hat or bib. Girls can find a lot of dresses with flutter sleeves or lace details. They all come in pastel colors and really can add that feminine touch to the look. Boys will go with a set of checked shirts and a big collection of trousers and jeans. Also you can find a great set of T-shirts with bright graphics. Signs like ”Hello sunshine”, funny giraffe, strawberries, hedgehog or stripes could be on the T-shirt. And there is more! There are trench coats in the collections. So you can style your baby from the very first days and give him a real dandy look.

For those, who are a bit older, Burberry Kids Clothes prepared a small recreation of the runway spirit. Military details, tie-dye pattern trench coats and floral lace are now available in kids department. Checked shirts and dresses are still on, but now they are combined with jeans, floral motives and lace. Also there a big collection of shoes:

  • sandals
  • sneakers
  • ballerinas
  • boots
  • trainers
  • slip-on shoes
  • booties

Any wish can come true. Trainers made from canvas and have suede trim, rain boots have anti-slip rubber soled, sandals are from leather and have smooth edges. All products are super-comfortable and ready-to-wear. Babies and kids will be stylish in any kind of shoes, and what is more important, they will be ready for any kind of weather.

Burberry Kids Clothes had proved everybody wrong by making a cool collection for kids with tie-dye patterns, lace and cashmere

Burberry White Classic Check Pocket TeeBurberry White Dress with Check Trim

Burberry Pink and Grey Check DressBurberry White Classic Oxford Shirt

If winter colds caught you unexpectedly, you can find a big collection of winter jackets, parkas, puffers and coats. Almost all of them come with a hood, so wind won’t be a problem anymore. A lot of pieces are transformable, so some of the jackets are reversible and the hood can be removed.

Also there are accessories: Bags, Belts, Headwear and Scarves . Combine canvas and leather, add some check and you’ll get a perfect backpack for your kid. Cashmere scarfs bring your inner British spirit and silk bow or tie will help you to look incredible.  Wool capes for girls will help to stay warm and stylish and leather cross body bags won’t be on the way of moving and running around.

New season brought us bright colors and traditional motives from British culture. All that connected on cotton shirts, reflected by wonderful graphics and playful design. Who said that checks, stripes and pastel colors are boring?